Monday, December 29, 2008

Things on my mind today...

1) A few years ago my friend CL admitted to not liking Johnny Depp because she was "sick of all the costumes." At the time I was appalled. I mean, we're talking about MR. 21 JUMPSTREET (not to be confused with Greico).

(mmmmm hmmmmm)
But Pirates of the Caribbean was just on and I have to say...I kind of agree. Captain Jack, Mad hatter, Sweeny Todd, Willy Wonka, Ed Scissorhands. Does he ever just play a PERSON? And does he always have to insist on looking so damn ugly (it doesn't work anyway!)

They should totally have a re-make of 21 Jump Street (with Johnny Depp making a triumpant return a la Kelly in 90210 (which p.s. I don't watch).
2) Had a funny conversation in the grocery store the other day.
Dude by the produce: Can I ask you a random question?
Me: Sure
Dude: What does a rutabaga look like?
Me: Uhh...I'm better with fruit questions.
He wanders off and asks another woman (who looks MUCH more domestic than me). And, if you're concerned, we saw him on the way out and he had in fact found a rutabaga. And if you don't know either, it looks like so (whoever had given him said rutabaga mission had told him it looked like celery...not so much):

3) I shouldn't have given the dog that bone. She stanks.


Miss Lovelady January 5, 2009 at 6:38 AM  

Am I the CL in question? I don't remember saying that about Johnny Depp, but I totally agree with me if I did.

BTW, I love this blog. And I think your 1001 list is fantastic--maybe I need one of those.

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