Friday, February 27, 2009

Return from the land of fleece...

It's been a crazy week! I was supposed to be in Orlando wearing Mickey ears but due to an unexpected death in the Mr's family, we headed up to Mass instead. Me: spotted wearing white athletic socks with black flats. A la Michael Jackson. The horror. This is what the freezing cold does to you people - it strips you of any fashion sensibility because you are in strict survival mode. And while I almost prefer frostbitten toes to the look I rocked, the possibility of never wearing beautiful shoes again due to having no toes won out for the night. Glad to be back in sunny Texas where my mom (in town visiting) and I, ate breakfast on an outdoor patio and look a long walk around Town (ahem...Lady Bird)Lake, in t-shirts.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whitney Caroline Designs...the giveaway

How cute are these?

Whitney Caroline - maker and seller of super-cute stuff is giving one of these away on her blog!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

WHAT? The Cole Haan's at rue la la?

Yes, that's right. I get the email that Rue La La opened the Cole Haan boutique. About six minutes later I go online. And the fantastic, slingback, peep-toe, Nike Air patent pumps are on there! For $128! And....SH(&(&(T, DAJFDSEEN...they are already sold out! For some reason, I keep checking even though I know they won't go "un-sold out." But I just clicked on them and it looks like they never had an eight anyway, which somehow makes me feel better. Oh..wait a minute, those aren't the fantastic slingbacks....but they're still cute!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Barf...sensible shoes

I had to shop for "sensible shoes" today because I'll be at a conference for six days and on my feet for like 16 hour days. I despise sensible shoes. It's possible that I could never be a nurse or a kindergarten teacher strictly because I abhor them so much. Glory be to Cole Haan, maker of beautiful patent peep-toes (and many other options)with Nike Air technology. They feel greeeaattt!

from Nordstrom.

Sadly, since I generally sit on my tuckus in front of a computer day in and day out I have no need for beautiful heels with Nike instead I picked out some not as gorgeous Sofft shoes that at least don't look like birkenstocks. Yes, I recognize the humor in the fact that my version of the sensible shoes still has a 3 and a half inch heel.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Would you rather...

Stolen from a message board post...what is the lesser of two evils? This was REALLY hard for me, especially without adding a caveat to my answer. My choice in pictures (of course the ugliest one i could find)...

Fringed sandals or gladiator sandals?
Fringed, at least they're a bit more current. Although honestly I'd have to choose an average gladiator sandal over these "chewbacca feet".

stirrups or legwarmers?
Legwarmers! Confession: I have to admit in looking for pics, i don't hate legwarmers as much as maybe i should.

Crocs (classic) or uggs?
Uggs (barf)

Guy in a wife-beater, or guy with overalls
Beater (picture altered to protect the innocent)

Mom jeans or a poncho?
Poncho....ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!

booty shorts or koolots (sp??)
Sadly, culottes (you're welcome world)

pleated jeans or pleated slacks?

Scrunchi or banana clip?

Zima or Boone's Farm?
BOOONES STRAWBERRY HILL! (although, frankly, mad dog over both!)

Dreads or She-mullet?
i thought dreads until i saw these pictures. now i say she-mullet. cleanliness is too important to me

I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Alexis' Favorite Things

So we've been married for about eight months now and using all our grown up dishes, pots and pans, etc. I thought I'd share what ended up being some of my favorite picks -- especially some that were kinda random scans in the store but is actually so useful! A lot of my favorite things were actually seasonal at Crate and Barrel, so I'm skipping those -- as well as the dishes and glasses and stuff, since that's all about personal taste.

From Crate and Barrel

Parker Bowls $36.95
These bowls are the best. In the fall they offer the Addison bowls which are in richer autumnal colors. They make great mixing bowls but also great serving bowls (they look great on a table) and there's five of them, so a size for everything. The price is also great - a fantastic gift to give too!

Footed Colander $19.95
Straining vegetables never looked so good!

Footed Cake Platter $54.95
Not the easiest piece to store, but cakes look so beautiful on this tall stand!

Water Lily Bowl $24.95
This is a simple bowl with clean lines but so versatile. You can put rocks, fruit, floating flowers, candles in it and continuously switch up your centerpieces.

Easy Roll Garlic Peeler $3.95
Who knew? I use this all the time and LOVE it. Easy to use, easy to wash and it really takes the garlic skin(?) off in two secs.

Acacia Wood Platter $14.95

This platter is so beautiful it looks like art. Great for decoration or for serving cheese and fruit. The acacia salad bowl is also gorgeous.

Ona Pitcher $26.95

This unique picture also makes a beautiful vase. I haven't made sangria in it yet, but it would look so pretty with the floating fruit (also in lemon or lime-ade).

Polycarbonate Pizza Wheel

Vino Wine Glass $2.95

A few of these at home are great for easy glass of wine. Also great for outdoors!

From Bed, Bath and Beyond

Micro-Cotton by Suite Collection Bath Towel
These are the SOFTEST towels ever! It's like drying off in a cloud.

Flexible Cutting Boards $3.99
These take up no counter space and are easy to pull out, wipe clean, etc.

One Touch Can Opener $19.99
This thing is AMAZING. Who knew we needed it, but it is fan-freakin-tastic.

Metrokane® Rabbit Wine 6-Piece Corkscrew Tool Kit
Wine is sooooo much easier to open with this guy. I keep recommending engaged ladies get the rabbit - for those that watch Sex and the City, you get the joke.

Good luck with your own picks!

Cool giveway from Bama Belle.

Bama Belle has a really cool giveway of Bliss products. Check it out and then don't enter so you don't hurt my chances. :-)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Long overdue update!

Long overdue update! It's been crazy busy week sandwiched between two really busy weekends.

Two Thursdays ago, Tim and I took our last trip up to Dallas (for a while, at least). WE RENTED OUR HOUSE! Went up to get the furniture that was still there for the staging. We rented a 12 foot truck thinking it was more than enough space (every single time we've moved we rent a truck twice bigger than we need). This time, not so much. We had some friends not make it -- both our couches, two washing machines, a dryer, my bike and a few other items that were quickly snatched up by the neighbors. This means we need a new couch and we sat in THE.MOST.COMFORTABLE couch ever today at Crate and may need to become ours soon. Although, the couch I really love is this one (Pottery Barn), Tim says, "absoluuuuutely not!"

Also, in celebration of renting the house (goal #2), we (and by we, I mean, me) broke out the debit card a bit. Very excited to introduce my new mushroom-colored shoes (as well as another cute purple and brown pair) to my closet, my new Clarisonic to my bathroom counter, my new pink blackberry to my handbag and a new haircolor and haircut to my...err...head.

Last weekend, Linds and Laura were in town and it was great to see them. The weather was sooo much nicer here than Chicago. We has yummy dinner at III Forks (my first time there, so check one off for goal #45) and delicious wine. Followed by more delicious wine at David's loft (the long-awaited wine cellar is amazing). Outside lunch at Shady Grove where Stephan and I narrowly avoided getting shat on by a bird and a quasi-walk around town lake. All in all, a very enjoyable time. Oh, and Tim and I had Home Slice on Sunday too -- SPOILED!

This weekend, had some very nice Timmy-time. Made delicious tortilla soup (well, kinda made it), delicious chicken biryani (a very complicated recipe but so good and I PROMISE it tasted better than it looks!) and delicious pear muffins (found here) -- who am I?

(check off goals 22 & 25) I might finally have a reason to buy a super-cute anthro apron. Actually, in all seriousness I think I don't own one just because they are all so darn cute I can't ever choose!

Also had yummy TacoDeli breakfast today and a long walk in the greenbelt, which was sooooo needed.

Oh, and I also discovered a new veggie meal inspired by Magnolia Cafe(#28) -- black beans, avocado, cheese and tomatoes. Yummy and super-easy.

And finally finished the Forgotten Man, a history of the great depression. I feel way smarter (and republican). $72

Oh, and of course tried Fireman's Four (and clearly enjoyed it) -- #56.

Chiggety-check. Over and out.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

fireman's four

is good. even when you're drinking it alone waiting for you husband to come home from work while you're doing laundry on a saturday night after spending hours at the office. actually, especially then.

why is grant show on private practice. melrose place called, grant, and they want you to go back there.

it looks like this...if you haven't tried it, go find it. well, if you're in austin. it makes me think of magic hat #9, which i miss, cause you can't find it here.

Ok, I don't need it, but I want it!

The purchase of our espresso machine has resulted in two weeks of hunting for a super-cute travel mug. Silly, I know, but i consider it an accessory. And it's actually been super-hard to find one! Then I get this idea that I absolutely must have a monogrammed mug -- it's so fabulously obnoxious. Most that I've found are actually super-ugly, but these are my two faves:

From Etsy

From Monogram Chick

And yes, I've been up since 6:30 searching for monogram travel mugs...funny since an earthquake couldn't wake me up at 6:30 on a weekday.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yeah, I'm a suckah for free stuff....SUCKAH

Okay, so I like free stuff and I recently discovered this free stuff giveaway and recently discovered these three from Not Another Jennifer. Some great little things here to win!

Gwen at Confessions of a Control Freak is doing a giveaway to celebrate her four-month mark of quitting smoking. She is giving away great OPI, Bath & Body Works, and PartyLite goodies. Enter here!

Mandy at House of Rose has beautiful monogrammed notecards!

Magnolias, Marriage and Manhattan is offering beautiful notecards.

And finally, Mrs. Newlywed at Misadventures of a Newlywed is doing a fabulous giveaway for beautiful Lilly Pulitzer stationery!

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