Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Things I love...teddy bears, my little pony and i's dotted with hearts

Apparently, this is the impression I've made on my new co-workers. You see, I've had this cute little fella in my office for the past two weeks.

Well, the thing is, this gigantic cutie is actually a gift for one of the girls at the Settlement Home. The week I started at my new job, my department had planned a big concert with Del Castillo (who were GREAT by the by, even if I had no idea if they were singing about riding the bus or kissing a woman. They played and danced and sang ALL OUT on a Tuesday night in a little venue with maybe 100 people, you'd think they were playing for a stadium. I think the girls really had a lot of fun - they brought a thank you card to the band today and one girl had written "You were great especially the sexy one."). Anyway, that was the longest aside in parentheses maybe ever. So, where were we - department plans concert, raises money, and then we take it to go holiday shopping for the girls. My girl wanted a Giant Teddy Bear - so a giant teddy bear she will have (and Twilight, OF COURSE). I sent him to my office because, well, he's giant and didn't want him at home. Apparently, those who have visited or walked by have thought that this was my decor. Ouch... my taste sensibilities are assaulted.

However, I do decorate my office with reindeers like this little dude that made me happy all day.

P.S. Have you seen Secret Millionaire? It's on now, I'm getting the tissue box ready.


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