Saturday, December 12, 2009

Violet Evelyn has arrived!

Violet Evelyn M. (aka, Lil V)

December 7, 2009; 5:09 pm
8 lbs, 15 oz
22 inches

At about 6:15 am on December 7th, I woke up to go to the bathroom. When I did, I realized my water had broken. I woke Tim up, told him I thought it was time, and we decided we needed to head to the hospital. Tim took a shower and we packed up the rest of the things we needed. By the time we were headed out of the house, about an hour later, I'd had a few contractions. They continued in the car but seemed to be pretty inconsistent time-wise and it was hard to time them with Tim driving (hindsight says I could have timed them myself!)

We got checked in to Seton Southwest easily. The nurse first checked to be sure the fluid was indeed amniotic, and it was. I got hooked up to all the monitors, completed all the questionnaires, etc. and they found that my cervix was 5 cm and I was 100% effaced (which I had been for a couple weeks). Apparently, now my contractions were pretty strong on the monitor but they still didn't feel too horrible to me. We decided to walk for a while.

At about 10:30, at 8 cm, I decided to get the epidural. Ugh...I did fine, but it was super stressful to try to stay still while your back gets poked. I started getting numb, which actually was a horrible feeling. I hated it. My legs were numb all the way to my feet and I couldn't move at all on my own. I felt paralyzed and really hated the feeling. At this point, I was wondering if perhaps I should not have gotten it (but in hindsight, I am glad that I did -- and so in awe of all who do it med-free!). I did my best to sleep and just rest for a while.

1:30, Dr. Landwermeyer came in to check me. At that point, I was at 10cm but she decided to let me labor down for another hour before pushing. 2:30 came around and it was time to push. At first, pushing wasn't so bad. I didn't realize I'd get a good break in-between contractions, so even though the pushes were tiring, I had plenty of time to catch my breath. Not too far in, the pushing started to become a lot more painful. I was still focused but it was a vast difference from the early pushing. Tim and the nurse were both really encouraging but after a while I started to feel extremely anxious. I was desparate for Dr. Landwermeyer to show up because that was my signal that I really was close. When she finally got there, the pain was pretty bad. They asked me if it was pressure pain, and I said, no, it was pain-pain. But, I had nothing to compare it to, so I didn't know that it wasn't normal to feel even with an epidural. We then realized that the epidural tube had come undone - no wonder I was feeling so much pain! Looking back, I think it had come undone when Tim and the nurse had been "flipping me" earlier on when we were "waiting."

They called the anesthesiologist back and she gave me an epidural boost. It helped a bit. But Violet was stuck behind my pubic bone and pushing was getting more and more frustrating and I was started to panic a bit. By this time, I was probably 2 hours and 15 minutes in to pushing. Dr. Landwermeyer let me know that she wanted to use the vacuum to help Violet get around and out. She warned me that the pain was about to get really, really intense...and it did. Then, all of a sudden, it got really dramatic in the room. All the nurses jumped into action, pushed Tim out of the way, pushed my legs way back and told me to push with everything I had. I think what had happened was her head was out but now her shoulders were stuck. With one huge burst of pain and pressure, she was out.

They were concerned about Violet's health so they took her right away (but she's great now!). Tim took pictures and videos of her and brought them over to show me while I got stitched up, etc. I didn't get to hold her until 2 hours later, but it was worth the wait! She is absolutely perfect and we couldn't be more in love!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Rollin' in style

As if I didn't already suffer enough from the pregnancy side effect of excessive baking, Anthro has rolled out (teehee) this beauty that I'm sure make whatever you bake taste like rainbows. And at $24, it would also make a great gift!

Also drooling over this today. Forget George and his velvet, I want to drape myself in cable knit this season (or drape myself on, as it were in this case).

P.S. What's up with Tiger, yo?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby News

Yeah, there isn't any. If my belly button is any indication, it's long since signaled that baby is done. The doctor predicted we'd meet her last weekend but it looks like she's decided to hang out a while longer! She's actually full-term now but not overdue, so I really can't complain. However, in crafting news, there's much to report.

In between me ogling all the beautiful holiday clothes out this season I still can't fit in to, Tim and I had a quiet Thanksgiving and I finished this fantastic craft project - baby closet size dividers. I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate these into an adult closet (maybe color themed?) but they are fantastic for baby (and would make a GREAT baby shower gift). Sadly, the pictures don't do them justice!
Directions (and other cool crafts) here.

Kathy also hosted a fantastic shower for me and she knows me well enough to plan crafts in (adorable baby onesies)! It was such a wonderful, wonderful day!

Next time I check in, will hopefully be of a cute little baby girl in ridiculously cute little girl clothes!

Monday, November 23, 2009

It's a Pants-Off, Dance-Off

No, it's actually not. In fact, it's definitely a PANTS ON affair...but fun nonetheless, I promise!

For the third year in a row, my department is hosting a dinner, dancing and live music event to benefit the girls of the Settlement Home. The Settlement Home is a local orphanage and our goal is to give 17 of those girls a holiday. Right now, we've raised enough to support only three. They ask for the simplest things... even at 16 and 17, a lot of them would like tweety bird sheet sets or twilight posters. They do not have much to call their own and the joy we can bring to them at this particularly tough time to be without family, is immense.

Yes, we have a crappy date this year. It's a Monday, and it's the Monday after Thanksgiving. But if you can attend, we'd love to see you there. Amazing local band Del Castillo will be playing and they rocked the house last year! El Sol y La Luna will be serving delicious food.

If you can't make it, you can make a donation OR it would even be a huge gift to pass on this message to your networks. We do not want to disappoint these girls this year!

Details below:

Join hosts Keller Williams University and KWCares for the 3rd annual benefit concert supporting Austin’s own The Settlement Home for Children.

This year’s holiday event will be held on November 30th at El Sol y La Luna (600 E. 6th. St.) and will feature a concert by Latin rockers Del Castillo and a scrumptious Tex-Mex appetizer buffet.

Tickets are just $25 each for an amazing show. Purchase for your tickets today at If you can’t make it, you can still bring holiday cheer to the Settlement Home girls when you make a donation.

Also, there are all kinds of raffle items to be won:

6 One World Theatre tickets for Manhattan Transfer 12-13-2009;

6 One World Theatre tickets for Jane Monheit 12-06-2009;

6 gift certificates to Cannoli Joe’s;

5 month season pass to Austin Symphony;

5-piece ceramic serving set;

1 $25 gift card to Maudie’s;

1 $45 gift card for Dawn Erwin massage service;

1 Gift card for Craig Richardson chiropractic service;

2 One World Theatre tickets for Take Six performance;

2 One World Theatre tickets for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy performance;

2 One World Theatre tickets for Travelin McCourys performance;

2 One World Theatre tickets for Jerry Jeff Walker performance;

4 passes to Alamo Draft House;

1 $75 gift certificate to Moonshine Grill;

1 Gift pack of 12 jars of assorted Arriba Salsas;

Last year, Del Castillo joined us at the Gibson Guitar Center on Veteran’s Day to raise more than $5,000 for a great cause. We hope to make more great memories in 2009.

We hope to see you there!

Monday, September 28, 2009

68 days...

I'm so sad that we're not eligible for the 8k tax credit. Sorry, not the most glamorous of posts but I know a lot of people who are still hoping to take advantage -- it expires 11/30! Feel free to share these resources around, and let me know if I can help at all!

Free e-book on 8k credit (explains everything super-simply)
Article on ensuring speedy close (by my super-cool boss).

This Month in Real Estate September...good overview of what's going on today!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nursery Progress!

I'd call myself a "fly by the seat of my (ever growing larger) pants" kinda pregnant lady. I've been thinking about the nursery forever but having the hardest time making decisions! I've bitten the bullet, convinced I absolutely LOVE what I picked out, only to spit it back out and start over again. BUT - I think we're finally making progress.

I had the hardest time finding inspiration pictures. I didn't want her room to look like she threw up butterflies, or flowers, or winnie the pooh (which still makes me giggle even with a child of my own on the way). Here are just a few that I found slightly inspirational...

I (errr...we) finally decided to paint her room silver sage -- the most beautiful color on earth. Restoration Hardware stores are always painted this color -- it's the most relaxing, complex yet neutral color there is and I've been obsessed for years. There is no imitation, you have to suck it up and pay the ridiculous paint per gallon at RH.

From there, I tried some 3-d "inspiration boards"

I love the chocolate/silver sage/white cream combination. Now that the walls are actually painted though, the silver sage reads with a good amount of gray in it in the light of her room - and a hint of pink looks gorgeous. (Mike actually looks quite handsome in the room as well). Unfortunately, the color doesn't read that well in the pictures!

And, since I just got a new flip camera - I had to try it out - so here's the video version (starring Michael).

Still on the way...
crib (no pics)
This bedskirt and sheet (along with a plain silver sage sheet)
These blankets (silver sage)

This gorgeous roman shade (so simple, but i love it) in warm white.

This adorable nightlight

Maybe this (in more rose shades)? Funny, added this to my etsy favorites the other day and didn't even realize I had saved the inspiration picture above with poms!

More to come!

And, upon's 27 week belly (the butt and, by god, the boobs, match the growth well).

Thursday, September 10, 2009


As much as I love my current job (and Austin SO much more than Dallas (Northpark aside, of course)) there are certainly the days when I miss being around the creative energy of Fossil. Not to mention the "employee store" where you could purchase Michele watches for $200 and sample 54 handbags in never made colors for $50. Check out Kate, Jill and Shay's super-cool places featured on Design Sponge (also an amazing blog!)



Shay (my very favorite!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


No, not the kind you find on 4th ready to roar. The kind on wheels. We're selling one that's a really great deal ($5900 with less than 20K miles). Info here:

Pass it on if you know anyone looking for a car for themselves or their kid!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thinking of buying?

I interrupt my non-blogging about my favorite hair products to bring you a serious message. I have the amazing opportunity to work at one of the fantastic companies ever - Keller Williams. Although before I moved back to Austin I was working in retail in Dallas and having so much fun interacting with all the creative fashion and environment designers and artists, it's been so wonderful to be back at KW - a company with so much heart, conscience, vision and true leadership.

But enough sap. If you're thinking of buying this year (and if you're thinking about it, no doubt now is the time), you might find this short little video a helpful overview of all that's going on. And let me know if I can ever help you find an agent. Buyer's agents cost the buyers nothing and we at the head office really do have access to the very best agents across the country - and trust me, you want a good agent because there are a lot of mediocres out there!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bananas for balloons...

Do you ever get out of touch with a friend for a while and it's been so long that you then don't call them because there seems to be so much you'd have to talk about that you'd have to schedule in a three hour time block? I haven't updated this blog in a million months and there is so much to place, new baby stuff, getting ready for a baby girl, navigating maternity fashion and adjusting to life as a shoe size 9 (my feet grew A SIZE, people) in flats (so sad for a girl with a serious aversion to sensible shoes?).

But instead, i give you pretty things. Like pretty ladies with balloons in a pretty field followed by a pretty wedding. Full pictures on thenicholsblog and featured on style me pretty. The cork wedge pink payless shoes shown in the full pics almost ruined it for me (sorry, just not a fan) but other than that...completely gorge. Oh, and check out the nichols most recent pics from the white dunes of nm, like nothing i've ever seen!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hmmm...what to spend my birthday money on?

Since I can't buy shoes and clothes...

This gorgeous ring (found at Eliza Page)? Too expensive ($538.50)

Khiel's unisex cologne? Love this scent. ($38.50)
Adorable Apple & Bee tote? ($48)
Gorgeous gold eroded drop bottom earrings ($160) or pendant ($120) (Eliza Page)

Owl pitcher? So vintage modern ($12) From Madison Belle. writing this post I've realized I've got to run, not walk down to eliza page and blow it on some gorg jewelry.

Friday, July 3, 2009

17 weeks!

I can barely believe it! The week after next we should (fingers crossed) find out the sex of the baby. We really don't have a preference on whether it's a boy or a girl - right now, I'd kinda in love with our girl name - is it wrong that that may have be rooting for a girl? Soon after we have got to go madly register -- this is such an overwhelming thought, but my first shower in Boston is at the very beginning of August! The baby is now the size of my open palm (surreal).

In other news I had a winning week! First, I won 20 Tszuji shoe storage boxes from Stacey at A Girl's Guide to Shoes. Thank you Stacey -- I never win anything! How perfect to have some super-cool boxes to store my super-cute shoes that I won't be able to shove my swollen feet into until 2010. Thankfully, they'll be so happy and cozy in their beautiful boxes that they won't miss walking the streets.

Today's post of her's features these beauties - Jeffrey Campbell Unicorn. Love this unicorn shoe and it's affordable!
I also won two free days off in a raffle for work. My work is really amazing, and seriously dedicated to raising money for charity. Two weeks ago, we raised over 3300 for cancer treatments for one of our co-workers grandchildren. We did it again yesterday with our fourth of July picnic. These are MUCH needed days since I'm saying all my PTO days for maternity leave.

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Renting our Duplex in Westlake

Hello Austin friends,

If you know anyone looking to live in Westlake, let me know! We're renting our 2 bedroom duplex. It has a huge, HUGE, yard, so it's a great place for people with pets. And it's seriously the best deal in Westlake! Details here.

We're on to bigger spaces with the baby on the way!

Monday, June 22, 2009

"Goodbye Bag" said the cat

We've got news!

I've been missing in action from my blog lately. Mostly because I am exhausted 24-7! I bring you...the story of B-Mac (Baby-Mac) far.

It was a stormy night and Tim was feeling romantic....errrrrtttt.....just kidding, we'll leave that part of the story out and pick it up again a few weeks later.

My body knew before I did. Although only a day late, I knew, so I went to buy a test from Walgreens. Three minutes later...
My immediate response was to breathlessly repeat....okay....okay...okay...okay....over and over while searching for some tissue paper to wrap up the test for Tim - because for some reason that was my immediate response. Not finding any, I went BACK to walgreens

Tim came home, opened his "present" and had no words besides.... SHUT UP...which he repeated over and over (funnily enough - my father-in-law had the same response). We processed the news over Austin's pizza. That's class, my friends.

A few weeks of nausea later (during which, Tim assumed his role of pregnant-lady-slave quite well), we had our first doctor's appointment and saw B-Mac for the first time - and MAN was it dancing all around - flexing its little stiff arms and legs. Now, it was real....eeeeeeeeee! Who knew you could be so terrified and excited at the same time!
We called the fams - who promptly started sorting out who would be called what grandma/grandpa name.

And started learning about all the magic of pregnancy...increased bra sizes (seriously, two sizes within weeks!!), excess saliva, dizziness, breathlessness, acne, etc.etc. No seriously, where is the magic.

We're now 16 weeks in, planning a move (anyone want to live in Westlake, we're subleasing!), and looking forward to finding out if we're having a boy or a girl (hopefully at the next appointment). Oh god...and aside...the fashion challenges! I wish i had all the dallas options to shop from. How many jersey dresses can one pregnant lady own? (thank god they make pregnancy spanx)

Who knew that cute little boy with the mullet who asked me out in 7th grade would end up being my wonderful husband and a wonderful daddy-to-be! I LOVE YOU T-MAC!

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