Sunday, December 14, 2008


You know how dudes are all, "I'm a legs man" or "I'm a butt man" when really they're whatever shakes their way in their direction kind of man? Well, I'm a shoe girl (if forced to choose), but after working at Fossil these past few years, my affinity for handbags has been fine-tuned, so to speak. So, maybe I am spending my morning looking at things online that I can't afford. I DIE (Rachel Zoe reference) for this handbag (and the boots, to boot).


And in red, bananas!'s lamb leather, which is amazing.

(Chloe, Neiman Marcus)

Good news -- it only costs thousands of dollars but you also get a free purse hook (woo-hoo, I can totally justify it now (I'm kidding Mom)).


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