Monday, December 22, 2008

Random catch me up...

Well, Tim and I are in Dallas getting ready to pack up some more stuff and bring it down to Austin. We're bringing a little bit of furniture (THANK GOD) so we'll actually be able to sit in our living room. Still leaving a lot of stuff here though since the house is still for rent/sale indefinitely and we want it to stay staged. Thankfully, we scored ourselves a cheap deal on a little truck.

I scrambled this weekend to finish up my holiday goodies before leaving so I could drop them off at the office. I rotate between toffee and peppermint marshmallows, and it was a marshmallow year. Mmmm...they're actually really easy and fun to make! Recipe is here if you're interested: Recipe Wrap two of 'em up with a packet of hot cocoa and a sprinkle of snowflake confetti and you have a sweet treat for co-workers and the like!

So, changing subjects, this makes me laugh...hard (goooooo Noodles!)

Also in "things that make me laugh"... Tim and I don't have cable in our new place in Austin. However, MTV Trece (Latin MTV) comes in. And on MTV3 is this show called Bust a Ritmo. The theme of this show is that you have a secret you need to confess or apologize for. So, in order to do that, you learn a dance in 24 hours, perform it for the person you need to confess to, and then have your confession. Um...what? Is this not the strangest premise for a show ever? So if you spent all the money your mom loaned you for school on acting lessons, or you cheated on your man - all you have to do is learn some sexy latin dance moves and perform them and then all is...better? less awkward? i'm still not sure i get it.


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