Monday, February 1, 2010

On the hunt for this week...

Coupon Organizer!

With the arrival of Lil V, I feel as though we should start paying a bit more attention to the money going out the door. And while I'm certainly not a "clipper," and would rather spend the extra 10 cents then have to try to perforate a coupon from a page of a magazine (fold, lick, rip, no thank you), I have gotten some really great coupons lately that feel like throwing money away not to use (hello, whole free bag of potatoes at HEB!, $5 Babies R Us e-gift certifcate!, entire free pizza!) Throwing them into a pile of "coupons we should use" doesn't seem to be an effective strategy, they usually stay there until expired.

So, this week, the hunt is on for a cute, chic coupon organizer. While I love etsy dearly, searching for things on the site can be quite cumbersome considering the guy who makes the tree bark pens lists everything from "wood" to "your mom" as search key words. Ha, ha..."your mom." Anyhoo, here are some initial finds...but the search is only skin deep so far.


Lil V and I are also going on a mission to learn more about cloth diapers. Daddy's not too excited about this endeavor!


CL February 1, 2010 at 1:48 PM  

I totally endorse the cloth-diaper idea, in theory anyway. And I way endorse the baby leggings.

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