Sunday, February 14, 2010

On the hunt nursery decor

This week, we're on the hunt for some new "decor" for Violet's room. We're also on the hunt for a nursing cover for pumping in my office but that's going a little too far for sharing on the blog.

One of last week's hunt items were these tissue poms for her nursery. Found (of course) on etsy.

This spurred some new inspiration in finishing up the nursery (it's been "done" but I really wasn't happy with the walls). I found some absolutely dreamy inspiration on ohdeedoh, like this:

and this (which forced me to suggest to Tim that we repaint the room this color (denied))...
and these...
Love the vintage, eclectic, yet romantic feel of these rooms. So, we're working on a few new projects. Definitely in the shopping cart...

P.S. Last week, I was on the hunt for a coupon organizer - here's the one I went with, from here:


CL February 15, 2010 at 10:23 AM  

I am seeing those embroidery hoops with cool fabric in a lot of places. I want to try those myself. Check out my friend Erin's nursury for baby Leighton, just 3 weeks younger than V--it makes me love bright, primary-esque colors for a nursury, which I didn't think I would:

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