Sunday, January 31, 2010

What She Wore...the Baby Edition

Although Lil V does not yet look like me, she is most certainly my child. The first word out of her mouth is officially MALL! Okay, so maybe it wasn't entirely intentional, but I'm counting it. Here's the evidence...

By the way, we did go to the mall, and we did buy some clothes and Lil V, would like to show them off to you.

When: Saturday night

What: Hooded Gap bubble dress, grey skinny leggings (Marshall's find), pink (fake) allstars (not shown)

Where: Dinner and games at Kathy & Ron's

Why: A stylish knit bubble dress is an easy go-to piece for dinner with friends. Tossed on the leggings for a bit of extra warmth.

(also helped Daddy strategize and win the game (and sat like this all by herself)!)

When: Friday

What: Carter's white onesie and Baby Birgitte legwarmers

Where: A trip to Michaels (for an iron-on rhinestone skull to add to this onesie) and HEB with mommy

Why: There's nothing cuter than a baby in legwarmers - what a chic and easy way to dress up a plain ol' onesie!


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