Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whirl of a weekend!

Twas a wonderful whirl of a weekend. It's officially spring and the Austin weather did not disappoint. Have I mentioned lately how utterly thrilled I am to be back in Austin?

Saturday, Tim and I started the "couch to 5k" plan. In reality, Tim could run it now, but I can't and he's sweet enough to patiently run/walk with me. Too bad we live in hilly Westlake making it a bit more challenging than it should have been for the average bear. Saturday afternoon we had the brilliant idea to go to HomeSlice for lunch. During SXSW. A bright shiny moment. Needless to say, we ended up at Saccones way up in Round Rock. Num, num, num! We then actually went back downtown and braved the crowds. We sat in the sun and watched Fastball at Auditorium Shores then took a long walk around town and people-watched.

And we learned that mustaches are back in. Is it meant as irony? I'm pretty sure I'm too old to understand.

Sunday we went for a long walk in the Greenbelt (when does the water come?). Then it was RODEO TIME! I love the rodeo much more than a girl from Boston should. And not so much in a novelty "yankee goes to the rodeo" way either. I love it in an "I'm seriously considering getting cable again just so i can watch it on tv again" kinda way. Although Tim is not a fan, I'm pretty sure he's certain if he doesn't go with me I'll run off with a cowboy aaaannnnddd I can't say I'd call him paranoid. He is also, however, a fan of hot dogs. You can pretty much get him to go anywhere if you can tempt a hotdog. Have I ever mentioned how before I moved to Texas I, in all seriousness, thought everyone in Texas wore a cowboy hat and boots at all times? It's so utterly ignorant but I was highly disappointed.

I must say I was extremely disappointed by the bull-riding. They cut it short to start the Randy Travis show (why is he famous?). Apparently the rodeo continued after the concert, but we had to leave. Boo. I was like a little kid who licked her ice cream off the cone into the dirt.

Sprinkle in some couch shopping, some Target trips and a bit of kitchen cleaning, and you've got a weekend!


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