Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Here, there and everywhere.

I'm well overdue, as usual. Life really gets in the way of updates! And it's been a crazy couple weeks, a few days in Boston, a few days with mom (and friends) in Austin, and a loooong week back at work. So, I can only muster the energy for a collection of random thoughts, updates, musings, etc...

- Went to gospel brunch last sunday at stubbs. so much fun! (#63, #50)

This, I believe, is one of the original members of A.C. Littlefield and the Original Bells of Joy. He was so cool!

- Started the "beginner yoga series" with Kathy and I think I'm going to really like it. I had this major paranoia about yoga that there would be a lot of farting (by the others of course) but thankfully I didn't hear any or...err...smell any. (#29) Highly recommend Yoga Yoga - they have studios all over town and all kinds of classes, with lots of options for beginners.

- Riverview pizza in Ipswich, MA is the BEST.PIZZA.EVER. Tim says "Amen."
It just looks like this:

But it tastes like rainbows and unicorns.

- I am so lucky to have such fantastic in-laws! We spent a few sad days together in Boston, but it just reiterated to me what a wonderful family I have!

- Tried two new restaurants - Stubbs (brunch)and Woodland (salmon). Both get a B. (#44)

- I like the cupcake lady (and her cupcakes) on South Congress. Although, I like them even more in theory than in my mouth. Even more so because it epitomizes why I'm so glad to be back in Austin as opposed to Dallas (Sprinkles).

- Becker Vineyards is so nice, especially the Syrah. Fan. (#57) Also, need to plan a trip to Fredericksburg that's longer than a 1/2 hour (we seem to always spend all the time at the vineyards on the way!)

- Mom got a super-cute haircut at Hairy Situations (I forget her name though, but I recommend her (helpful, huh?)

- Had dinner at the Oasis - same verdict as the last time we went a few years ago - gorgeous views, sub-par food.

Mom may be the next Jennifer Nichols :-)

A very nice couple weeks!


Mom March 15, 2009 at 6:19 AM  

A nice review of a great week!
The hairdresser's name in LAURA or LAURETTE.

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