Friday, November 27, 2009

Baby News

Yeah, there isn't any. If my belly button is any indication, it's long since signaled that baby is done. The doctor predicted we'd meet her last weekend but it looks like she's decided to hang out a while longer! She's actually full-term now but not overdue, so I really can't complain. However, in crafting news, there's much to report.

In between me ogling all the beautiful holiday clothes out this season I still can't fit in to, Tim and I had a quiet Thanksgiving and I finished this fantastic craft project - baby closet size dividers. I haven't quite figured out how to incorporate these into an adult closet (maybe color themed?) but they are fantastic for baby (and would make a GREAT baby shower gift). Sadly, the pictures don't do them justice!
Directions (and other cool crafts) here.

Kathy also hosted a fantastic shower for me and she knows me well enough to plan crafts in (adorable baby onesies)! It was such a wonderful, wonderful day!

Next time I check in, will hopefully be of a cute little baby girl in ridiculously cute little girl clothes!


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