Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thinking of buying?

I interrupt my non-blogging about my favorite hair products to bring you a serious message. I have the amazing opportunity to work at one of the fantastic companies ever - Keller Williams. Although before I moved back to Austin I was working in retail in Dallas and having so much fun interacting with all the creative fashion and environment designers and artists, it's been so wonderful to be back at KW - a company with so much heart, conscience, vision and true leadership.

But enough sap. If you're thinking of buying this year (and if you're thinking about it, no doubt now is the time), you might find this short little video a helpful overview of all that's going on. And let me know if I can ever help you find an agent. Buyer's agents cost the buyers nothing and we at the head office really do have access to the very best agents across the country - and trust me, you want a good agent because there are a lot of mediocres out there!


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