Sunday, February 8, 2009

Long overdue update!

Long overdue update! It's been crazy busy week sandwiched between two really busy weekends.

Two Thursdays ago, Tim and I took our last trip up to Dallas (for a while, at least). WE RENTED OUR HOUSE! Went up to get the furniture that was still there for the staging. We rented a 12 foot truck thinking it was more than enough space (every single time we've moved we rent a truck twice bigger than we need). This time, not so much. We had some friends not make it -- both our couches, two washing machines, a dryer, my bike and a few other items that were quickly snatched up by the neighbors. This means we need a new couch and we sat in THE.MOST.COMFORTABLE couch ever today at Crate and may need to become ours soon. Although, the couch I really love is this one (Pottery Barn), Tim says, "absoluuuuutely not!"

Also, in celebration of renting the house (goal #2), we (and by we, I mean, me) broke out the debit card a bit. Very excited to introduce my new mushroom-colored shoes (as well as another cute purple and brown pair) to my closet, my new Clarisonic to my bathroom counter, my new pink blackberry to my handbag and a new haircolor and haircut to my...err...head.

Last weekend, Linds and Laura were in town and it was great to see them. The weather was sooo much nicer here than Chicago. We has yummy dinner at III Forks (my first time there, so check one off for goal #45) and delicious wine. Followed by more delicious wine at David's loft (the long-awaited wine cellar is amazing). Outside lunch at Shady Grove where Stephan and I narrowly avoided getting shat on by a bird and a quasi-walk around town lake. All in all, a very enjoyable time. Oh, and Tim and I had Home Slice on Sunday too -- SPOILED!

This weekend, had some very nice Timmy-time. Made delicious tortilla soup (well, kinda made it), delicious chicken biryani (a very complicated recipe but so good and I PROMISE it tasted better than it looks!) and delicious pear muffins (found here) -- who am I?

(check off goals 22 & 25) I might finally have a reason to buy a super-cute anthro apron. Actually, in all seriousness I think I don't own one just because they are all so darn cute I can't ever choose!

Also had yummy TacoDeli breakfast today and a long walk in the greenbelt, which was sooooo needed.

Oh, and I also discovered a new veggie meal inspired by Magnolia Cafe(#28) -- black beans, avocado, cheese and tomatoes. Yummy and super-easy.

And finally finished the Forgotten Man, a history of the great depression. I feel way smarter (and republican). $72

Oh, and of course tried Fireman's Four (and clearly enjoyed it) -- #56.

Chiggety-check. Over and out.


Christy February 9, 2009 at 6:19 AM  

Congrats on renting the house! That has to be such a load off your mind!

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