Monday, January 12, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

Alrighty...overdue from yesterday, but here it is!

2. Sell or rent our house in Richardson.
I'm going for positivity and saying this is "in progress." Showing activity has been good. Hopefully something happens soon!

6. Paint our house.
This goal is actually for Tim. He's currently working on the living room and has two walls finished (before we ran out of paint).

11. Get the dogs nice beds.
Got them these cute little doggie baskets. It "should" be too little for Mike but he likes to curl up. Once they got used to the funny creaky noises, they loved them!

42. Take a photo of us at least once a week for three months.
Post meat-feast at Salt Lick.

44. Try 15 new restaurants.
In Progress
1. Taco Deli is our new favorite Sunday morning spot. Yesterday, I tried a papas(mashed taters), bacon and cheese taco and it was DEEE-LISH. Followed by a brief walk down the greenbelt (it was chilly).

2. I'm counting Hyde Park Grill as a new restaurant. I had been there a million years ago when we first moved to Austin, but apparently it's been so long that I forgot that it sucked. I got this pimento cheese & cuke sandwich and tim an eggplant sandwich. Both were nasty. And the fries weren't that great either.

68. Blog the “best thing this week” weekly.
The best thing about last week was our jaunt to Salt Lick for Tim's birthday. We went with some old and new friends and it was even better than we remembered! Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy!

71. Read at least one business book every two months.
My goal last week was to get to page 300 in Forgotten Men - and I made it. But still so much further to go.

73. Maintain my blog (at least 1 post a week) for three months.

75. Make my blog pretty.
Like the new photo at the top? That's our feets.


Christy January 13, 2009 at 9:11 AM  

How long has your house been on the market? We got lucky and were able to sell in the off-season, but things should pick up for you with spring right around the corner. Good Luck, I totally understand the frustration!

Jill January 14, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

"I'm counting Hyde Park Grill as a new restaurant...I forgot that it sucked."


i love their french fries! however, i usually just eat a side salad, french fries, and dessert when we go there. i'm not a fan of their actual meal food. we love it so much i think we're serving their wom kim's peach pudding in lieu of a groom's cake.

ps: can i have a sleepover with eric bana next week? he told me he's tired of your bedroom curtains and needs a new scene.

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